About this blog

I am writing this blog because:

a) I absolutely LOVE talking about acting.
b) My wife ABSOLUTELY has a threshold for listening about acting that I can easily surpass.
c) I wish for my wife to stay sane, and I also wish to have an outlet for discussing my passion at great length.

What this blog is NOT:
A place where I diary my day and tell you all about my audition experiences and the jobs I book. I MAY use them as anecdotes to get across an acting thought/idea.
Just so you have an idea of who I am, I have been acting for over 10 years. I have been financially successful (able to quit my day job) for 4. I’m 31 years old. I have a beautiful wife who is an emmy nominated producer for Reality television. (Opposites attract) And together we have a most amazing baby boy who was born 4/11/06.

I hope you enjoy this blog.


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